Regional floodplain management strategies (RFMS) are being developed for each of the Victorian catchment management regions. The development process is being led by Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) in partnership with local councils, the SES, other agency partners and their local communities. 

In these strategies, local communities decide the level of flood risk they are prepared to live with, and how much they are willing to invest to improve flood risks in their area. 

Aither recently teamed up with other specialist project partners to assist the East Gippsland CMA to develop their RFMS. Aither led the economic analysis of flood risk and damages and the assessment of options for mitigation and resilience. The purpose of this regional strategy is to provide a single, regional planning document for floodplain management and a high-level regional work program to guide future investment priorities.

The RFMS development process began with CMAs and local stakeholders assessing the flood risks for locations across the region. Current and potential future floodplain management activities, like land use planning and flood warning systems, were assessed against the severity of the flood risk in each location. You can read the draft East Gippsland Regional Floodplain Management Strategy here.